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California Digitals combines performance and professionalism to provide you with the results you’re looking for. With us, everything is big: traffic, reach, sales, business size – all of it!

California Digitals is a full-service best Digital Marketing Agency in Lucknow offering support to businesses in building powerful brands and increasing market share through top digital marketing solutions. We have successfully blended the richness of traditional online marketing with in-demand, technologically driven new-age digital media. We are a perfect one-stop destination for the cheapest SEO services, digital branding, best SEO article writing services & digital marketing solutions that empower businesses to achieve high marketing goals. Our digital marketing strategies resonate with the latest trends in the online marketing space. The deal has only one goal- giving your business exposure in front of your target customers.

About Us

we are a team of more than 30 web experts with over 10 years of experience in website building and marketing to help businesses grow online.


The purpose of our business as a leading Digital Marketing agency in Lucknow is to grow exponentially with our clients. As we move forward, we intend to harness the very foundations of digital marketing, and therefore, we will seek innovation for quality and wisdom for our foundation.


Our vision falls in line with the very building blocks of digital marketing. We make our clients’ needs our priority, and with our deep expertise and profound understanding, we develop a tailored-fit solution for each individual’s needs. In this way, we create meaningful relationships with our clients and help them too to establish a strong connection with their audiences. Through such a disciplined approach, we ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction with every customer we work with.

About Us

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Why Choose Us?

By choosing our ethnic services, you achieve all the facets of your digital marketing objectives. Our sole priority is to take our clients to greater heights, leading them to the phases that inspire them by our services and work style. We make your marketing requirement blend in with our work ethics. While opting for us, you receive top digital marketing strategies; from providing you the best logo for your brand’s voice to creating a responsive website for your product\service, we ensure the finest. We focus on giving you the best that’s why California Digitals would be the first to strike your mind while aiming to market.

Creative yet cluttered?

Our finest services will leave you awestruck, so buckle up and be ready to be surprised and contact us for your digital marketing requirements.

Why Us?

Hey partner, we are in this together.

From providing you the best of our services towards gaining inspiration to do more, California Digitals’ work style is to consider both aspirational motives and enable benefits for you and our team.

We, as a team, Fail together, Sail together.​

When you choose California Digitals, our ethnic team begins working in such a way as to make your motivation our motivation. Together, we strive for success.

At California Digitals, your digital growth is guaranteed by improvements and growth in the digital world. Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction, which makes us one of the top digital marketing companies in India.

Whether you are a small business or a company of thousands, we offer scalable and high-quality services like website development services, top graphic design services, top content writing services, and social media copywriting services.

For all the Digital Marketing services that we provide- we have polished professionals in our team who have 10+ years of industry experience. These dedicated teams work on a specific task to ensure on-time delivery of projects and guaranteed clients’ online business growth.

As the best SEO and digital marketing company, we obviously have the best talent and tools to provide you with the best real-time results. We use all the buzz-creating tools necessary like Ubersuggest, Moz, Keyword planner for keyword research, Grammarly premium for proofreading content. We have coders for PHP, MERN stack, WordPress, etc., making us the best SEO company in Lucknow.


Our clients get all the updates and get to monitor the whole process via regular communications and tools provided by California Digitals. Real-time results are presented to the client by the dedicated project manager, who is always available to explain the project details, progress, and analytics about the whole project. 

The excellent reviews of our satisfied and happy clients from all across the world speak for themselves. The best digital marketing solutions of California Digitals’ huge package of intricate services provide more comfortable and easy ways. These unique features in the package customized to your needs make us stand out from the crowd and levitate us to the platform amongst the best digital marketing consultants.

Digital Marketing Team

We offer digital marketing solutions across your entire funnel, but we don’t consider ourselves generalists.

We have a team of dedicated specialists who can help you improve your search rankings or your web presence, so your customers won’t miss any news from you.

Digital marketing and creative advertising comprise many essential aspects like web design and development services, brand image and best professional logo design, UI & UX design, and web analytics. California Digitals undertakes all the tasks necessary for particular businesses that will give them a strong online presence.

Since businesses need branding for long-term success, building a unique brand and effectively telling a story that influences your prospects’ minds is necessary. The new-age Digital Media demands more creative content and targets specific goals for marketing.

We are a leading digital marketing agency in Lucknow, with clientele from all around the world who are assisted at all times by a team of designers, SEOs, technology geeks, and marketing experts regardless of the difference in the time zone. These experts focus on uniqueness and originality in the marketing endeavors for brands.

Here are some key benefits you get only with California Digitals:

  • Result-oriented even when it comes to tasks that are highly competitive, like SEO.
  • High-quality service that meets industry standards.
  • Affordable services are suitable for businesses at all levels, from small to large.
  • Custom-made digital marketing service packages that fulfill your specific needs
  • Cheapest SEO services in India
  • Accepting the necessary revisions in logo creation and content writing
  • Most affordable website development packages
  • A team of Top Creative writers in Lucknow- RJs and Social media experts
  • Global 24*7 service is available regardless of the differences in time zones.
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