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The iOS 15 update and the marketing campaign adjustments

As part of Apple’s latest software update, iOS users now have access to upgraded privacy options within the Apple Mail app, including Mail Privacy Protection. It is announced in June. It is time to go to the best mobile app development company in India.

In a press release in June, the company stated that its new feature prevents senders from collecting information about users using invisible pixels. This novel feature hides the IP address while sending an email.

As always, Apple has made consumer updates, promised new features, improved FaceTime, redesigned the weather, and updated the user interface to make it easier to manage notifications.

However, this update also includes some changes that marketers need to be aware of, especially those related to user privacy.

Apple’s latest privacy update 

iOS15 offers advanced privacy controls, including email privacy protection. This is a feature that prevents the sender of the email from knowing if the email was opened. It also hides the recipient’s IP address, leaving the recipient’s location unknown and removing email tracking pixels, which seriously impacts open rates. The best digital marketing company in India can help you understand and implement it all smoothly.

Ultimately, this change means that the open rate is likely to increase significantly. “Users who choose email privacy appear to open all the third-party emails they receive,” added Emad Hasan, founder, and CEO of Retina AI in Santa Monica, California. 

However, some other changes affect how marketers measure the effectiveness of their campaigns by restricting access to identifiers. “For example, Safari Intelligent Tracking Prevention obscures a user’s IP address and limits the ability of the advertising platform to fingerprint the user uniquely,” said Josh Wetzel, Chief Revenue Officer, San Mateo, California. Mr. says.

Users can also hide their email addresses using the Hide Email feature. In this case, Apple users can generate a random email address when registering for an application or website. The information they want to receive is forwarded to their account, but the website does not have access to their actual email address.

Marketer Impact  

As we know, it’s clear that email marketing can change dramatically with rising email rates. Even several best marketing companies in India are affected by these changes. When considered an important indicator of the success of an email marketing campaign, open rates are virtually useless. As a result, marketers need to make some adjustments. 

This change is essentially just the beginning of a further focus on consumer privacy options. If you own a digital marketing agency in India, you need to be updated about it. Wetzel explains that channels that rely on third-party data for targeting and personalizing email messages will continue to degrade, making it harder to attract new users. 

Along with measuring customer lifetime value, metrics such as CTR and conversions become even more important as open rates become less reliable. Experienced email marketers are already using these metrics to determine their campaign’s effectiveness, but as iOS 15 continues to roll out, these metrics will become more noticeable. 

How can marketers adapt to it? 

Customer retention 

should be a priority.

Because these privacy changes are only the beginning, marketers will need to adapt their marketing strategies to deal with these upcoming changes. According to Wetzel, the best brands will target customer retention by offering add-ons and subscription models. 

Leveraging Zero Party Data 

 Marketers need to double their efforts to get users to choose to receive email. “Marketers need to build strategies based on contextual and zero-party data to engage and engage consumers effectively,” Mejia repeats. 

Zero Party Data is related to the information consumers want to provide to you and expect from you and is a unique opportunity to enhance your personalization. Instead of attacking with information that your customers don’t want, you can show them that you are, and we will respect their side and the data they give you. Some ways to collect this zero-party data include inviting you to participate in surveys and quizzes. For email, marketers can provide a preference center that allows customers to choose exactly the type of email they want to receive, whether for promotional, informative, or account-only purposes. This will greatly help build consumer confidence and keep getting accurate data. 

How can you change your email campaign strategy? 

The best online marketing company can help you to make alterations to your email campaign strategy. 

  • Use Fall 2021 Open / CTR changes to understand the impact of iOS 15 changes and adjust your target metrics accordingly; all future students or parents will use Apple Mail Not. 30-50% of email users are estimated to use Apple Mail. Therefore, there are still control groups of 50-70% of subscribers whose activity is not affected in the report. 

 Let’s face it; every email should contain a clickable URL and a call to action. The number of opens to your institution was never actually the most important indicator of interest; that was the number of clicks. Since click rates and click-through rates are not affected by the iOS 15 change, marketing teams must be sure that each email is driving prospects to “click here to [insert the appropriate step in the enrollment funnel.” Additionally, you may want to consider running an A/B test at the click level – does one way of wording the call to action gets more clicks than the other? Using the results, you can tailor your calls to action throughout the campaign. 

  • Do not use email as a subsequent automatic email trigger. Depending on the CRM or marketing tool you are using in your office, the drip campaign will send another version of the email when the previous message was opened. Thus, take the time to review these triggers this fall to ensure that changes to open rate data do not affect the overall goals of your communication plan. 
  • Collect location data at the beginning of the recruitment process- by capturing prospects’ location in the first opt-in activity for the rest of the campaign, independent, location-based segmented email.

So these are marketing adjustments to put into practice as a result of the iOS 15 update.

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